Windows Web Hosting

Host your ASP.NET website with InfoQuest for as little as $9.95 monthly.

InfoQuest has been providing and supporting our customers with Windows Hosting since IIS was first available.

Buy Windows Hosting
  • Windows Server 2019 with IIS 10.0 hosting

  • ASP.NET 2.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5, 4.8

  • ASP.NET Core support

  • Classic ASP

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2017

  • High Performance flash storage (SSD speeds or faster)

  • Includes Email Hosting and Webmail



  • Hosting for 1 domain
  • 5 GB SSD Diskspace
  • 50 GB Bandwidth
  • 25 Email boxes 100 MB each


  • Up to 5 domains
  • 10 GB SSD Diskspace
  • 75 GB Bandwidth
  • 50 Email boxes 250 MB each


  • Up to 10 domains
  • 25 GB SSD Diskspace
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • 75 Email Boxes 400 MB each


  • Up to 20 domains
  • 50 GB SSD Diskspace
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • 100 Email Boxes 500 MB each


WHOIS Domain Privacy


Support for ASP.NET Core 3.0 and earlier version, ASP.NET Framework 4.8 and earlier versions, and classic ASP.

Windows Server 2019

Our Windows Shared Hosting runs on fast web servers running the Windows 2019 Server operating system and IIS 10 (Internet Information Services).

Domain Transfer Lock

Plesk Obsidian Control Panel

Plesk Obsidian is a control panel that makes managing your Windows web hosting plan easy. Includes the ability to import websites and emails too.

Domain Forwarding

Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Databases easily managed through the Plesk control panel.

Domain Renewal

MySQL Server

MySQL 5.7 server and phpMyAdmin. Databases are easily managed through Plesk.

Free DNS Service


Support for PHP 7 up to PHP 7.4 and PHP 5.6 for older sites that require it.


Web hosting that uses Microsofts IIS (internet information server) to serve up your web pages.

If you have a website built using ASP or ASP.NET you need Windows Hosting which supports these technologies.

It’s a powerful programming framework that can be used for building applications including websites and website applications.

ASP stands for Active Server Pages and is sometimes also called Classic ASP. This is a Microsoft scripting language released in 1996. Many website still use ASP and our Windows Web Hosting supports ASP in addition to ASP.NET.
ASP Hosting is web hosting for ASP (Active Server Pages). Our Windows Web Hosting supports this and the Plesk control panel allows you to have your application pool in either 32bit (x86) or 64bit (x64). Microsoft Access Databases are commonly used with ASP and are supported.
This is Windows Web Hosting that supports ASP.NET. Our Windows Hosting fully supports the high-performance ASP.NET programming framework.

Windows Hosting Support

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