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Domain Registration Features

InfoQuest offers the following domain services with every domain registration:

WHOIS Privacy Settings Available – $5.95

When you register a domain name, your contact information (email, phone, address) is stored in a publicly accessible Whois database. That means people can see your Web site and then find their way to you using that information. Your contact information can be kept private (unavailable to the public) with Whois privacy.

Free DNS Management with each Domain Registration

InfoQuest provides reliable and extensive managed DNS service with guaranteed up time and increased website performance. With advanced DNS management its easy to create and manage:

  • A Records
  • CNAME Records
  • MX Records
  • NS Records
  • TXT Records
  • SRV Records

Use managed DNS to change DNS zone settings for Refresh, Retry, Expire, Min TTL, and email address of person responsible for the domain.

Domain Transfer Lock

Domain locking prevents unauthorized changes to a domain such as transfers and DNS modifications. If a domain is locked, transfers and DNS modification cannot be made until the domain is unlocked. This is a security feature that has been designed to ensure that registrants have full control over the modifications made to their domain. It helps you to secure your domains against slamming, hijacking or other forms of ‘domain transfers’ that have NOT been properly authorized by you.

Free Domain Forwarding

Domain name forwarding lets you automatically direct your domain name’s visitors to a different website. Masking prevents visitors from seeing your domain name forwarding by keeping your domain name in the Web browser’s address bar.


Domain Registration Promise

When you register a domain name through InfoQuest, you are buying more than just a domain name. You are buying a commitment to the fairest, most honest, most consumer-friendly principles and policies in the industry. Taking that commitment even a step further, we offer you this promise:

40-day no-questions asked, no-exceptions domain name rescue

Didn’t receive your domain name renewal emails? Don’t worry. Couldn’t renew your name by the expiry date because of some circumstance beyond your control? Don’t worry. Just plain forgot to renew your domain name? Don’t worry. You can get your domain back online. In many cases, depending on the domain extension and registry policies, even if it’s been expired for more than a month, you just pay the regular renewal fee.

Minimal fuss if you want to transfer your domain to another registrar

If, for any reason, you’re not happy with your provider or your provider is not happy with InfoQuest, you should each be able to move your domain name with minimal fuss. InfoQuest doesn’t restrict your ability to transfer your domain registration from one registrar to another. It’s your domain name and we recognize your right to register it with the registrar of your choice. InfoQuest fully adheres to ICANN rules surrounding transfers (such as the 60-day lock after initial registration or renewal) but doesn’t layer on things like additional transfer locks under the guise of protecting your security.

A thoughtful, “registrant-first” approach to dispute resolution

InfoQuests’ approach to any domain name dispute begins with the firm belief that your domain name is your own. We also have a full-time, dedicated Compliance Team to make sure these matters get the attention they deserve. We will not allow your domain name to be used as leverage in a dispute. We will not readily “seize” your domain name under public pressure as other registrars have done.


A Domain Provider is a company which sells domain name registrations to the public. If you own a TUCOWS branded domain, your Domain Provider is the last company you paid money to for your domain name registration. Money was paid for its renewal, transfer, or even its initial registration within the past year.

For domains registered through InfoQuest, InfoQuest is your domain provider.

A Provider is a company, like InfoQuest, that uses the Tucows Registrar system to provide domain registration services to the general public.

A Registrant is the person or company who purchases a domain name.  For example, Jessica Smith (Registrant) registers the name EXAMPLE.COM through an Domain Provider (InfoQuest Technologies, Inc.)

The Registry is the backend (database, systems and administration) that Registrars have shared access to. Each Registrar writes new names to a central Registry Database, from which the Authoritative Root (a list of all domain names on the Internet) is built.
The term TLD stands for Top Level Domain, and refers to the last portion of a domain name. For example, the domain name EXAMPLE.COM is part of the .COM Top Level Domain and the domain EXAMPLE.ORG is part of the .ORG Top Level Domain.
If the WHOIS contact information of a domain to be invalid, please contact InterNIC.  InterNIC is part of  ICANN, who develops the regulations that govern the domain name system on the Internet.
The following requirements must be met before you can transfer your domain name:

  1. Since transfer confirmation is done via email, the Administrative Contact email address listed on your domain name must be valid.  If you are unsure, you can perform a WHOIS lookup.   If the address is invalid and you have your login information, you can update it through the Domain Management Interface.   If you do not have the login information, you can update your Administrative Contact by fax.
  2. Your domain name must be at least 60 days old.   This is a Registry-imposed requirement that affects all Registrars.
  3. If your domain name is expired, it must be within the Tucows grace period.
  4. There must be no locks or holds on your domain name.   If you need to have your domain name unlocked or to have an expired-hold removed, contact your current Domain Provider.
  5. You must have the Authorization Code (also called an Auth Code or EPP Key) for most types of domain names.
    Partial list of transfer limitations for specific types of domains (TLDs)

.CN – You cannot transfer domains 15 days before their expiration date

NOTE: All types of domain names may not be listed here.  Some types of domains (the TLD) may have some special requirements not on this page.   Refer to Domain Specific Information for more information.

For domains registered through InfoQuest, you can renew your domain using the customer control panel or by contacting InfoQuest.

Some Domain Providers will allow your domain to “auto-renew”.   This means that when the domain comes up for renewal, you do not have to go through the renewal procedure manually.   If domain is critical to your business, it is a very good idea to have the domain set to renew automatically each year.  This is the default action when registering domains through InfoQuest and can be changed to not auto-renew through your customer control panel.

You can also renew a domain already with Tucows/OpenSRS by making a transfer to another Domain Provider.  This should only be used if you’re unable to contact your current Domain Provider, possess the Authorization Code for the domain name, as well as have the domain name unlocked.

Most types of domain names are renewed when you transfer the domain name from another Registrar.  Ask your Domain Provider if the domain will be renewed when you transfer the domain to them.  In some situations you may need to make a separate renewal with the new Domain Provider.

If you have a .UK domain name, please contact the person or company who instructed you to change your IPS tag to TUCOWS-CA.   They can renew the domain name by placing a “transfer request” for your domain.

An Authorization Code (also called an Auth Code or EPP Key) is required when transferring domains from one registrar to another. The transfer Authorization Code is created when the domain is first registered and can be obtained from the current Registrar for your domain. If you have a .DE domain name, an Authorization Code is only valid for 30 days once it’s created or changed.  For domains registered through InfoQuest, your EPP can be obtained through the customer control panel.
WHOIS stands for “Who is?” and is a utility used to look up information on domain names.  This includes contact information as well as some technical information such as the domain’s name servers (DNS) used for service, and certain Status information such as if the domain is Locked.

Enter the domain name here to perform a WHOIS Lookup on it.

PLEASE NOTE: Some types of domains (TLDs) will not show all information (or will not show any information at all) from WHOIS utilities used outside the the Registry’s website for that type of domain name.

For domains registered through InfoQuest, the domain registration agreement can be found here.



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