On-demand technical services, billed at one low fixed price, incremented in 15-minute intervals. Advanced 2nd level support available when you need it without requiring a support contract.


All the skills you need are just one request away. Detailed troubleshooting for your website, database, or code. HTML, PHP, .NET, Javascript, Operating Systems, Graphic Design, and more.


When you have a problem that goes beyond ordinary free support, it’s good to know you have a trusted resource, helping businesses small and large. We’re experts, so you don’t have to be.


Professional Services are for that time when you need help that goes beyond our usually provided free support. Professional Services comes into play anytime we are asked to look into the specific issues regarding the function of your website or service not explicitly related to the platform that service runs on. For example, if you subscribe to a Virtual Private Server and request that we perform administrative functions on that server (setting up accounts, providing walkthroughs of functionality, reviewing logs, etc., this is a 2nd level professional service and considered billable.  If you have a website taking errors at the application level and request help troubleshooting, that is also considered a Professional Service and billable.

Professional services are billed at the rate of $125 per hour and are available in minimum increments of 15 minutes at a rate of $31.25.

Absolutely. Our policy is to let customers know when a support request is 2nd level and requires professional services. We provide an estimate of time and require your written acknowledgment before proceeding.

A request for Professional Services can be made anytime through our support request page, or by logging into your customer control panel and making a request.

No. A support contract is not required to obtain professional services. Professional services are on-demand when requested.

Professional services typically are performed for requests that require a small amount of time. Design services are more project-related and will always come with a formal estimate and a Statement of Work (SOW).

A Professional Services request typically is made in response to a high-priority issue and thus is performed immediately. Time of day and severity will also play a role. For low or medium priority requests, the availability of a technician will also be a factor. Our goal is to provide Professional Services as fast and efficiently as the situation dictates.