SSL Certificates

Secure and protect your website, mail server or other service with strong SSL Encryption.

  • Remove “not secure” browser warnings

  • Improve Trust, SEO and Google ranking by using https

  • Encryption keeps in transit data private

  • Encrypt data transmitted on the internet

  • Required for PCI compliance and Ecommerce websites accepting credit card payments

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Why do I need an SSL Certificate?


Keep data submitted to or retrieved from your website private by using HTTPS to browse securely instead of HTTP. A website needs an SSL Certificate to allow you to access it securely using HTTPS instead of HTTP.

Accessing a website using HTTPS will keep the network traffic between your web browser and the website private. Even if someone was to capture this data it would be encrypted.

Remove “not secure” browser warnings

Web browsers may indicate your site is “not secure” if you aren’t using a SSL Certificate. This makes the user aware that any personal information they provide to the site including login info, credit cards, etc isn’t encrypted and could be intercepted as it is being transferred.

Accept credit card payments / PCI Compliance

A SSL Certificate is needed if your website is accepting credit card payments and for PCI Compliance.

Improve SEO

Google has indicated using HTTPS on your web site is a ranking signal and could provide an improvement in rankings on Google’s SERP.

How do I buy and install an SSL Certificate?

There are six steps. Our support team is here to help if you need it.

First, make sure your website has a dedicated IP address, which is required when implementing a certificate.  You can check this by visiting the customer control panel at  If you do not have a dedicated IP address, please follow this Knowledge Base article to add one for your website.

Create a CSR which is a request for the certificate.  This can be created during the ordering process or in advance. While creating a CSR a private key will also be created. This private key is needed by the web site(server) and should not be given out publicly. Anyone with the private key has the ability to decrypt data encrypted with the public key.

Next you place the order for a certificate providing the CSR.

If domain validated you will get an email to authorize the purchase of the certificate. If organization validated you will get the same email but additional steps will be taken to verifying your authority to purchase the certificate and to verify your organization.

Once the order is complete you will receive the certificate and a CA.  Once installed your new certificate will be active.

Verify that all pages and references to internal files (within your website) are linked to using HTTPS.  Here is a Knowledge Base article describing how to do that.  If you prefer, InfoQuest can perform this last step as an additional service.

Free Guide – SSL 101: A Guide to Fundamental Web Site Security

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All of our certificates will allow users to browse your site securely, remove any “not secure” warnings, and show a closed padlock in the browser address bar instead of an open padlock or padlock with a line through it.

This is especially important for websites that accept logins, submission of personal information, and accept payments.


The TrueBusinessID EV certificate is an extended validation certification. When using an EV (extended validation certificate) your company name will show in the address bar in green. This is a premium certificate and has instant recognition to let customers know your site is legitimate. This is THE best certificate to use if you accept payments.


Our QuickSSL Premium, TrueBusinessID, and TrueBusinessID EV certificates include a dynamic seal. If you want to build trust with a site seal you want a dynamic site seal. Less expensive certs include a static site seal which is just an image. This is easily faked. A dynamic seal can’t be faked because it’s a script that displays your seal and a user can click on this to confirm it’s legit and not just an image. It’s easy to generate and install a GeoTrust Secured Seal (see our FAQ).


Blog or Personal Website

Securing your website with an SSL Cert will remove “not secure” browser warnings and may improve SEO. For a website that isn’t transmitting personal information or having users log in with passwords we recommend either of our least expensive certificates.  If your site is transmitting personal information or accepting logins please get one of the certificates we recommend for E-Commerce.

Recommended SSL Certificates

Buy RapidSSL – $39/year – Most cost effective option.

Buy QuickSSL – $99/year – Includes a $100k warranty.

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Ecommerce Website

When selling online trust is important.  We recommend the EV SSL certificate (extended validation) which display your company name in a “green bar” on your browser.  This is the highest class of cert available and will help show you are trustworthy and that your company has been organization validated before given a certificate. This builds trust as it’s unlikely a scammer would be able to get this type of certificate. Includes a dynamic seal you can use on your site to demonstrate it is encrypted.

Recommended SSL Certificates

Buy True BusinessID EV – $199/year – Best option for E-commerce sites and provides the “green bar” in browsers for instant recognition that your site can be trusted.

Buy QuickSSL Premium – $129/year – This certificate will work but will not have the green bar and is not organization validated.

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Mail Server, VPN or other service

Mail servers, VPN’s, and other servers require a certificate that will work with all devices especially mobile devices.  This is why you need a True BusinessID. If you have your web site and mail server on the same server a True BusinessID is a great option since it has the green bar displayed when your website is visited for instant recognition that your site is encrypted and can be trusted.

Recommended SSL Certificates

Buy True Business ID – $159/year – Best option for securing a mail server, VPN, or other services. Also a good option to secure a regular website and mail server running on the same server.

Buy True BusinessID EV – $199/year – Great option to secure an E-Commerce website and mail server running on the same server.

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  RapidSSL QuickSSL QuickSSL Premium True BusinessID True BusinessID EV
Validation Type Domain Domain Domain Organization Organization
Wildcard SSL No No No No No
SAN Support No No Yes* Yes** Yes**
Price $39/year $99/year $129/year $159/year $199/year
Issuance Minutes Minutes Minutes 1-2 Days 1-10 Days
Re-Issues Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Warranty $10,000 $100,000 $500,000 $1,250,000 $1,500,000
Business Validated No No No Yes Yes
Green Address Bar No No No No Yes
Security & Encryption 256-bit 256-bit 256-bit signed
w/ 2048-bit root
256-bit signed
w/ 2048-bit root
256-bit signed
w/ 2048-bit root
Available Periods 1-2 years 1-2 years 1-2 years 1-2 years 1-2 years
Site Seal Static Static Dynamic Dynamic Dynamic
Mobile Friendly Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Browser Compatibility 99% 99% 99% 99% 99%
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* = Supports 1 SAN package that includes 4 sub-domains ($36/year)
** = Supports up to 100 domains. Minimum order is 4 SAN


SSL stands for secure socket layer.  It’s a way to encrypt data. What we commonly refer to today as SSL is actually a newer version of SSL which is called TLS (transport layer security).

It is a certificate used to encrypt initial communication between a website and a web browser. During this initial communication the website and browser will transmit a new temporary certificate to encrypt the communication for the duration of your session.

A CSR or certificate signing request is a request created as part of getting a SSL Cert. It is needed for ordering a certificate and can be generated through control panels, on web servers, or in our store.

A CA is a certificate authority that issues digital certificates like an SSL Certificate.

The “not secure” warning let’s users know your web site doesn’t use a SSL Certificate and any data you send to the site isn’t encrypted.  It’s especially important to use encryption when entering passwords, credit cards, and personal information or anything you want to keep private. The solution to remove this warning is to purchase and install a SSL Cert.

An EV SSL certificate includes additional validation or your organization before a certificate can be issued. Due to this additional verification you also get a green bar which on most browsers will display as your company name in green before the web address in the address bar.  This helps to build instant recognition and trust.

A wildcard SSL certificate is a single cert that will secure the domain and any subdomains for that domain name.

It covers situations where GeoTrust made a mistake in issuing the certificate that caused damages.

  • Domain Validated – Your authority to purchase a certificate for your website will be checked by emailing an email address on the domain registration or one of a couple standard email addresses.  This protects you from having someone else try and order a certificate for your domain.
  • Organization Validated – This will include domain validation.  Additionally they will check other sources to confirm your identity and address.  Because of this it takes up to three days to issue a certificate.

You can either renew the certificate in the customer control panel or you can purchase a new certificate.

If you are changing the certificate type you will need to order a new certificate.

It used to be possible to buy certificates that were valid for three years. An organization called the CA/Browser Forum includes members of the certificate authorities and they voted to no longer provide certificates that would be valid for 3 years.  Due to this you won’t be able to buy a trusted certificate that is valid for three years or more. This was due to security concerns with having certificates valid for many years.  You can read more about this here and
It’s easy to generate and install by browsing to and following the directions at GeoTrust Secured Seal.

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