Spam Filtering Service to Stop Junk Email

Stop Spam and Viruses before they reach your in-box for as little as $5.95 monthly.

Hosted Anti Spam Filtering service immediately reduces the level of spam, viruses, and denial of services attacks targeted to the inbox of users in your domain. Easy to setup and use.

  • Protect any Domain Name
  • Dramatically Reduce In-box Spam
  • Fine Tune Filtering Strength
  • Denial of Service (DoS) Attack Protection
  • Enterprise Virus and Spam Protection

  • Activated by Changing DNS MX Record

  • TLS Encryption Options for all Messages
  • Works with Microsoft Exchange or any Mail Server


  • Anti-Spam, Anti-Malware, Anti-Virus, and Anti-Phishing Protection – Finds and blocks spam and viruses using multiple spam and security checks.

  • Works in front of your mail server – Your incoming email goes to our server which blocks spam and viruses and forwards your email to your mail server.

  • Protect against the latest spam – Our spam filters update automatically around the clock to block the latest threats.

  • Email spooling – If your mail server or network is down temporarily our service will queue your email temporarily.

  • DOS Protection – Protects your mail server against Denial of Server (DOS) attacks and reduces workload on your mail server.

  • Whitelisting and Blocklisting – In addition to all the automatic checks you can whitelist or blocklist mail servers by IP and whitelist or block senders by email address or domain.


Hosted Anti Spam Filtering service is included with Hosted Microsoft Exchange Email.

Understand the Threat

Spam, malicious email and virus attacks are becoming ever more sophisticated. Your corporate email is a gateway that can allow sensitive information to be destroyed or lost as well as for attacks that can hurt your network performance and employee productivity.

Comprehensive Virus Protection

The InfoQuest hosted Antispam Firewall service scans email and incoming files using three layers of powerful virus scanning technology. The firewall connects to the Barracuda Security Cloud to for the most up-to-date protection against the latest email-borne threats.

Proven Spam Protection

Barracuda is the industry leader in spam protection for businesses. The InfoQuest Hosted Antispam Firewall services leverages Barracuda Central to identify email from known spammers and determine whether domains embedded within emails lead to known spam or malware sites.

Stop Threats Before They Hit Your Network

Offload CPU-intensive tasks to the cloud, like antivirus filtering, to reduce processing and ensure threats never reach your network perimeter. The InfoQuest Hosted Antispam Firewall service is integrated with a cloud-based service that pre-filters email before delivery to your network.


InfoQuest uses a cluster of Barracuda Spam Firewalls to block spam and viruses and keep customers and our email spam free. When you use Barracuda Spam Firewalls as a hosted service, you benefit of our ability to easily replace or update Barracuda Spam Firewalls if they age or encounter problems.  Our tech team is knowledgeable on the technologies involved and will be able to assist with any problem you have.