WHOIS Privacy Protection


WHOIS privacy prevents your name, address, phone number, and email address from being visible on domain registration records.

Domain Transfer Lock


Lock or unlock your domain at any time.  Locking a domain registration protects it against unauthorized transfer attempts.


If your domain registration expires for any reason you have up to 30 days to get it back and pay nothing more than the renewal fee.


Use your own nameservers with your domain registration, for example ns1.yourdomainname providing you have your own nameservers.


Simple control panel to manage your domain registration. Easily change your contacts, lock/unlock your domain, and change your name servers.

Domain Renewal


Domain registrations automatically renew to prevent accidental expiration; unless you turn the auto-renew option off.


The company you buy your domain from or renew your domain registration through is a domain provider.  InfoQuest has been a domain provider for over 20 years!

InfoQuest is a domain provider. We resell domains through Tucows which has been an ICANN accredited domain registrar since 1999 and they manage the registering of domains.

We offer .com, .net, .org, .us, .biz, .info, .co, .name, .mobi, .tel, .me, .tv, .band,, and .cc.

Yes you can! You can perform a Domain Registration for future use or to use with another service like email.  You can buy a domain from InfoQuest and use it with a service you already have providing they support using your own domain name.

You can renew your domain using the customer control panel or by contacting InfoQuest.

Domains ordered through InfoQuest “auto-renew”.  You can turn this feature on or off in the customer control panel.

The person or company that is performing the domain registration, that is purchasing the domain, the registrant and domain owner.

A domain extension is sometimes called a TLD which stands for Top Level Domain.  The .com of is the TLD.

An authorization code is required when transferring a domains.

If you are transferring a domain to InfoQuest you can get the authorization code (aka Auth Code or EPP Key) from whoever your domain is currently registered through.

The auth code for domains registered through InfoQuest can be found in the customer control panel.

A WHOIS (who is?) lookup will reveal the contact information and other technical details for a domain registration. If the domain owner uses WHOIS privacy you will find details on the service they are using and an email address that forwards to the domain owner.

For most domains you can perform at WHOIS lookup at: WHOIS LOOKUP

Some types of domain registrations may require you to go to the site of the organization responsible for that type of domain.

For domains registered through InfoQuest, the domain registration agreement can be found here.

Whois privacy is a must to keep your information private. Especially important for anyone using their domain for a blog, service area business or other type of business out of their home. If you have an office or storefront we recommend either using whois privacy or make sure to use your business address and contact information when registering your domain.

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