Master Domain Registration Agreement

THIS REGISTRATION AGREEMENT (“Agreement”), is between Tucows Domains Inc. (“Tucows”) and you, on behalf of yourself or the entity you represent (“Registrant”), as offered through InfoQuest Technologies, Inc., the Reseller participating in Tucows’ distribution channel for domain name registrations. Any reference to “Registry” or “Registry Operator” shall refer to the registry administrator of the applicable top-level domain (“TLD”). This Agreement explains Tucows’ obligations to Registrant, and Registrant’s obligations to Tucows, for the domain registration services. By agreeing to the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement, Registrant agrees to be bound by the rules and regulations set forth in this Agreement, and by a registry for that particular TLD.

DOMAIN NAME REGISTRATION. Domain name registrations are for a limited term, which ends on the expiration date communicated to the Registrant. A domain name submitted through Tucows will be deemed active when the relevant registry accepts the Registrant’s application and activates Registrant’s domain name registration or renewal. Tucows cannot guarantee that Registrant will obtain a desired domain name, even if an inquiry indicates that a domain name is available at the time of application. Tucows is not responsible for any inaccuracies or errors in the domain name registration or renewal process.

FEES. Registrant agrees to pay Reseller the applicable service fees prior to the registration or renewal of a domain. All fees payable here under are non-refundable even if Registrant’s domain name registration is suspended, cancelled or transferred prior to the end of your current registration term.

TERM. This Agreement will remain in effect during the term of the domain name registration as selected, recorded and paid for at the time of registration or renewal. Should the domain name be transferred to another registrar, the terms and conditions of this Agreement shall cease.

EXPIRATION, RENEWAL AND FORFEITURE. The registered domain name will expire on the expiration date specified in the registration term, and as communicated to the Registrant. Registrant will receive reminders immediately prior to the expiration inviting Registrant to renew the domain name. In the event that Registrant fails to renew the domain name in a timely fashion, the registration will expire and Tucows may, at its discretion, elect to assume the registration and may hold it in its own account, delete it, or sell it to a third party. During the period following the expiration of a domain name, the domain name will cease to resolve, the Whois registration records may be revised to include that of Tucows or its reseller, and visitors to Registrant’s website may be directed to a default web page. This default web page may feature advertisements posted by Tucows for its own account. Registrant acknowledges and agrees that Registrant’s right and interest in a domain name ceases upon its expiration. Registrant is solely responsible for informing itself of the date of expiration and renewing its registration in a timely manner. If Tucows, in its sole discretion, elects to renew the registration, Registrant will be entitled to a grace period of forty (40) days during which Registrant may re-register the domain name. Additional costs for the redemption and re-registration will apply.

EXPIRED REGISTRATION RECOVERY POLICY. Domain expiration notices will be sent via email thirty (30) days and five (5) days prior to a domain expiration date and three (3) days after a domain expires. Renewal, post-expiration renewal and redemptions fees are published at Reseller’s fees may differ.

REGISTRANT INFORMATION AND DATA_SHARING. Data required for the registration of a domain name varies by top-level domain. The required data for a domain name registration (“Minimum Data”) will be presented at the time of registration or renewal and may include up to:

  • Name and postal address of the Registered Name Holder;
  • Registered name;
  • Names of the primary nameserver and secondary nameserver(s) for the Registered Name;
  • Name, postal address, e-mail address, and voice and fax (if available) telephone numbers of the administrative contact for the domain name;
  • Name, postal address, e-mail address, and voice and fax (if available) telephone numbers of the billing contact for the domain name; and
  • Name, postal address, e-mail address, and voice and fax (if available) telephone numbers of the technical contact for the domain name.

The Minimum Data will be shared with Tucows and the relevant authoritative registry services provider for your top-level domain. The identity of the authoritative registry services provider can be found at The Minimum Data for domains in any TLD you have registered can be found in the Data Use Information Page.

ACCURATE INFORMATION. Registrant represents and warrants that:

  • The statements that Registrant makes in connection with the domain name registration, maintenance, or renewal are complete and accurate;
  • Registrant information will be kept current;
  • Registrant will not and will not permit others to use the domain name in violation of any ICANN or registry policies, applicable laws or regulations, or legal rights of others;
  • Registrant will respond to inquiries from Tucows addressed to the email address of the Registrant, the administrative, billing or technical contact with respect to a domain name concerning the accuracy of contact details.

Registrant acknowledges that a breach of this Section 8 will constitute a material breach of the Agreement, which will entitle either Tucows or a registry to terminate this Agreement immediately upon such breach without any refund and without notice to Registrant

ACCOUNT REVIEW, DATA MODIFICATION OR DELETION. To access, view, update, delete or download data associated with your domain name registration, you must be signed into your account. If you make a request to delete your personal data and that data is necessary for the products or services you have purchased, the request will be honored only to the extent it is no longer necessary for any services purchased or required for our legitimate business purposes or legal or contractual record keeping requirements. In some cases, when data is necessary for the provisioning of service, deletion of data may cancel or suspend the services you have purchased. If you have difficulty accessing your data, modifying it, or deleting it, you may request assistance by sending email to DPA @ or using the contact information at

ICANN-REQUIRED DISCLOSURES. Domain name registration requires sharing the Registrant’s information, in whole or in part, with the applicable Registry Operator and with ICANN. Both Tucows and the Registry Operator may be required to archive this information with a third-party escrow service. Further, Registrant represents and warrants that, if Registrant is providing information about a third party, Registrant has notified the third party of the required disclosures and the purpose for the disclosures and Registrant has obtained the third party’s consent to such disclosure. ICANN may establish or modify the guidelines, limits or requirements that relate to the amount and type of information that Tucows may or must make available to the public or to private entities, and the manner in which such information is made available.

SUSPENSION AND CANCELLATION. Tucows may in its sole discretion, suspend or cancel Registrant’s domain name registration:

  • if Registrant breaches this Agreement;
  • if Registrant fails to provide payment or accurate contact or billing information;
  • in the event there was an error in the registration process for such domain name;
  • as required by ICANN or a Registry Operator;
  • to protect the integrity and stability of Tucows and any applicable registry;
  • to comply with any applicable laws, government rules, requests of law enforcement and court orders;
  • in compliance with any dispute resolution process; or
  • to avoid any liability, civil or criminal.

DISPUTE RESOLUTION. Registrant is bound by all ICANN consensus policies and all policies of any relevant Registry Operator, including the Uniform Rapid Suspension Procedure, the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution policy (UDRP), along with the UDRP rules and all supplemental rules of any UDRP provider. ICANN may change the UDRP at any time. If a third party challenges the registration or reservation of the Registrant’s domain name, Registrant will be subject to the provisions specified in the dispute policy adopted by the applicable registry. In the event a domain name dispute arises, Registrant will indemnify and hold Tucows harmless pursuant to the terms and conditions contained in the applicable policy. If Tucows is notified that a complaint has been filed with a judicial or administrative body regarding a domain name, Tucows may, at its sole discretion, suspend use of the domain name and the ability to make modifications to the registration records until:

  • Tucows is directed to do so by the judicial or administrative body, or
  • Tucows receives notification from both parties that the dispute has been settled.

If Registrant or Registrant’s domain name becomes the subject of litigation, Tucows may deposit control of Registrant’s domain name record into the registry of the judicial body by supplying a party with a registrar certificate.

WHOIS PRIVACY SERVICE. If Registrant elects to use the Whois privacy registration service, the following terms and conditions will apply:

  • The publicly available Registrant contact information will list Contact Privacy Inc. Customer #### (where #### is a unique customer identification number) as the Registrant and contact name, and Tucows’ postal address, assigned email address