Unlock your domain, disable WHOIS privacy, and get the domain transfer code (EPP) from your current registrar.


Submit your domain transfer order by entering your domain name and clicking on the Transfer button on this page.


Authorize the domain transfer by replying to the authorization request sent to the domain owners email address.


The domain transfer should complete within 5-7 days.  Contact InfoQuest anytime for an updated transfer status.


To own a domain name you have to register with a registrar.  A domain transfer is when you move the registration of your domain from one registration company to another OR when you transfer it to a new owner.

Yes you can! You can transfer a domain for future use or to use with a service you have through another hosting company.

A domain must meet these requirements before it can be transferred to InfoQuest.

  • The domain’s administrative contact email address must be valid so you can approve the transfer.
  • The domain must be at least 60 days old.  This is an ICANN requirement for all domains regardless of the domain provider.
  • The domain can’t be expired.
  • The domain needs unlocked and you need your authorization code.

Follow these steps for a smooth transfer of your domain to InfoQuest.  If you need assistance let us help you.

  1. Unlock your domain and get the authorization code
  2. Submit your domain transfer order at the top of this page.
  3. When you get the email to approve the transfer it will have a link.  Open this link in a web browser. Provide the authorization code and approve the transfer.
  4. Wait for the the current domain provider to approve or deny the transfer. Once approved it can take up to 7 days for the domain transfer to complete.

An authorization code is required when transferring a domains.

If you are transferring a domain to InfoQuest you can get the authorization code (aka Auth Code or EPP Key) from whoever your domain is currently registered through.

The auth code for domains registered through InfoQuest can be found in the customer control panel.

Most providers will have a domain management control panel where you can easily unlock your domain name. If your current registrar/provider does not, you will need to contact them.

Typically it takes between 5 to 7 days.  It’s important that you respond to the email approving the domain transfer.  Missing this step will delay the transfer until you approve the transfer.

You need to wait 60 days after getting a new domain or transferring a domain before you can transfer it.

They will not change.  If you need to change them you can change them before your transfer the domain or after.  You won’t be able to change them while the domain is transferring.

You will not lose any time when transfering your domain name. The current expiration date will be extended by one year.

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