• 1 Mailbox
  • 2 GB Storage Pool
  • Outlook 2019 Web App
  • Premium Anti Spam Included


  • 10 Mailboxes
  • 60 GB Storage Pool
  • Outlook 2019 Web App
  • Premium Anti Spam Included



Use an existing domain you already own.  Use Hosted Exchange for every user or only the users who need it.


Each mailbox adds 2 GB of storage to your storage pool. Allocate storage to any mailbox as needed. Add storage anytime.


Fully synchronized access to your email from any device.  Desktop, mobile devices like iPhone and Android, iPad or any other mobile device.


Includes a premium Anti Spam service that blocks nearly 100% of viruses, malware, and spam before they reach your inbox.


Manage your email, contacts, calendars, todo’s and more securely from any browser, anywhere, anytime with Outlook 2019 Web App.


Includes message level backups of your inbox.  Messages within a specific period of time can be restored if you accidentally delete them.


Microsoft Exchange and Outlook® were made for each other. Realize the power of Exchange with all the features and functionality of Outlook from your desktop. Not using Outlook? Access via desktop through Entourage®, Thunderbird®, Mac® Mail, or any other POP or IMAP desktop software.  InfoQuest is a certified Microsoft Partner.

The familiar look and feel of Outlook, from any computer. Outlook Web App lets users log in and manage email, calendars, contacts, and tasks from any web browser, with instant updates to all devices.

Yes, this is the full enterprise version of Microsoft Exchange.  All of the features and protections just as if you had installed it locally.

Absolutely, contacts and caleandars can be setup for sharing so some or all of the users in your organization have access to them.  Create company or customer contract lists, share calendars, and much more.

Yes, we call this Hybrid Exchange hosting and it’s a solution unique to InfoQuest.  Your existing email boxes remain the same and only the users who need Hosted Exchange get an Exchange mailbox.  Ask us about this hybrid solution as it provides a great level of flexibility for both your domain and your budget.

This is the same Spam Experts service we offer as a standalone solution.  Your domain will be protected from inbound spam, viruses and malware.  You will have access to control block lists, spam thresholds, view logs, create custom rules and much more.

Yes, by default we keep at least 1 month of your inbox data securly backed up in our data center.  While this does not compare to our Spam Experts archive service, which is an add on solution for backup and compliance, this included backup can be very helpful if you accidentally delete a message and need it back quick.

There is no limit other than what you allocate to a users email box.  When you add exchange mailboxes to your account, 2 GB of high speed secure storage space is added to a pool of storage for your account.  If you have the Exchange Enterprise service, you start with 60 GB for your intial 10 users.  Email storage may be allocated by the administrator in any increment to any user from that pool.  Additional storage may be added to your storage pool at any time in 1 GB increments through your customer control panel.

Our support is available 24x7x365.  We will help you setup your account, provide assistance with the intitial configuration for users, and can also provide professional services to help with more complex email migrations, and configurations.

Hosted Microsoft Exchange email by InfoQuest. Access email from any device. Features include Outlook license, OWA, message level backup, antispam and professional support based in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.