$995monthly *
  • 1 Mailbox
  • 2GB Storage Pool
  • Outlook Anywhere
  • Premium Anti spam
  • * Subscription Period


$9995monthly *
  • 10 Mailboxes
  • 60GB Storage Pool
  • Outlook Anywhere
  • Premium Anti spam
  • * Subscription Period


  • Your Domain – Enjoy a professional appearance and experience using your own domain name.
  • Storage Pool – Each mailbox assigned to your account adds 2GB of storage to your storage pool. When you create mailboxes, you may allocate that storage to any mail box in any amount.
  • Antispam – Powerful built-in Antispam and antivirus protection. Stop spam before it reaches your users email boxes.
  • Hybrid Exchange – Combine InfoQuest Email and Exchange Email on the same domain and save money providing Exchange only to specific users.

  • Outlook Web Access (OWA) – Manage your Hosted Exchange mail securely from any browser, anywhere, anytime.

  • iPhone auto-setup – Users can connect their iPhones to their email with just email credentials.
  • Resource mailboxes – Create free mailboxes to schedule use of your conference rooms, equipment, and more.
  • Active Directory – Sync your Active Directory with your mailboxes for easy login and management.
  • Admin Control Panel – Easily manage all of your InfoQuest Email & hosting services in one place.
  • OWA – Access your email on Exchange Server securely from any browser, anywhere, anytime.

  • Outlook Anywhere – One seamless view of your email, contacts, and calendar from every device (desktop, mobile phones, tablets, etc.) connected to your mailbox.

  • Easy Outlook Setup – Quickly & easily set up a user’s Outlook client software with just their username and password.
  • Account Management – Easily create and manage users, view and manage user storage quotas, view online usage reports warnings.
  • Public folders – Public folders to collect, organize, and share information among users.
  • Shared contacts – Share contacts company-wide via Global Address List (GAL).
  • Shared calendar – Share your calendar or view others’ calendars, making scheduling a breeze.
  • Distribution lists – Unlimited distribution lists for sharing information with specific groups.
  • Notes and tasks – The productivity apps you depend on.
  • 24x7x365 Support – Quickly access InfoQuest support via chat, phone, knowledge base, email or online ticket.
  • Security – Manage administrators, set their permissions, and monitor activity.


Email that Works the way Your Business does

Email on the go. With Hosted Exchange at InfoQuest, you can access email via mobile, desktop, or the web.

The Power of Outlook

Microsoft Exchange and Outlook® were made for each other. Realize the power of Exchange with all the features and functionality of Outlook from your desktop. Not using Outlook? Access via desktop through Entourage®, Thunderbird®, Mac® Mail, or any other POP or IMAP desktop software.

Outlook Web Access

The familiar look and feel of Outlook, from any computer. Outlook Web Access lets users log in and manage email, calendars, contacts, and tasks from any web browser, with instant updates.

Mobile Access

Get work done anytime, anywhere. Push email and sync for iPhone®, Android®, Windows Mobile® and BlackBerry® make remote access easy for today’s mobile workforce.


Total Cost of Ownership

The economics of IT services are rapidly changing. Owning and maintaining multiple servers and software applications requires a substantial financial investment, all of which diverts funds and resources away from what you should be focused on—growing your successful business. As more companies choose hosted IT services, InfoQuest’s hosted Microsoft Exchange provides an efficient and cost-effective enterprise-class email and collaboration solution—at a price that small and mid-sized companies can afford. With hosted Exchange, you can reap the benefits of business-class email—which was once only available to large corporations.

Scenario: 20 Exchange Users over 3 Years In-House Exchange Deployment Hosted Services Monthly
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Exchange Server & Installation
Exchange Server software (vs. a hosted subscription model) $1,000 $179
Exchange Server standard client licenses (includes Outlook software) $2,850 Included
Windows Server Software $1,000 Included
Server hardware, 2GB RAM, RAID hard drives, 4-hour warranty service $5,900 Included
Tape backup hardware, software, & tapes $2,300 Included
Anti-spam & anti-virus software $1,700 $500 $500 Included
Server implementation services/engineer $5,000 $500 $500 Included
Datacenter server/rack space, power, & bandwidth $6,000 $6,000 $6,000 Included
Offsite tape storage service $912 $912 $912 Included
Help desk support (8 hours/day; this is 24/7 with hosted service) $3,000 $3,000 $3,000 Included
Routine systems maintenance $22,500 $22,500 $22,500 Included
Redundancy (included w/InfoQuest Hosted Exchange)
Redundant clustered server, Storage Area Network N/A N/A N/A Included
Service Level Agreement (SLA) 100% uptime N/A N/A N/A Included
Redundant Internet Service Providers N/A N/A N/A Included
Redundant power, UPS, and fire suppression N/A N/A N/A Included
Monthly cost for Hosted Exchange $179
Annual cost for in-house Exchange vs. Hosted $50,462 $33,412 $33,412 $2,148
3-year cost for in-house Exchange vs. Hosted  $117,286 $6,444


Professional InfoQuest Support

You may never need it but if you do, it’s good to know we’re here–via toll free phone, live chat, online knowledge-base, email, and support tickets.

Since 1994, customers indicate the #1 reason they selected InfoQuest was the recommendation of a friend or associate based on our reputation for fast courteous technical support, service availability and performance.