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Cloud Backup and Recovery for Endpoint Devices

Cloud Backup and Recovery for Endpoint Devices Executive Summary Armed with their own devices and faster wireless speeds, your employees are looking to access corporate data on the move. They are creating, consuming and storing mission critical business information on their mobile devices such as laptops, smartphones and tablets. Often they are using these work devices for personal use as well which means your sensitive corporate data is mingling with personal emails, photos and files. As noted by Forrester Research, in order to avoid employees operating in an IT underground, you may be one of many organizations that are developing a Bring-Your-Own-Device

June 6th, 2016|

Agentless Backup is Not a Myth

Agentless Backup is Not a Myth Executive Summary Backup and recovery software typically requires agents that are installed onto servers that a system administrator wants to backup. Even in a modest-sized environment, agent management can become extremely complex when an administrator is forced to deal with different operating systems and revision levels. The complexity of agent management is further complicated by the growing number of applications that also require agents running on the same servers. This proliferation of agents and its associated drain on CPU resources is often referred to as “agent pollution”. Dealing with backup software agents is a

August 24th, 2015|

What You Need To Know About Cloud Backup

What You Need to Know About Cloud Backup Your Guide to Cost, Security, and Flexibility Over the last decade, cloud backup, recovery and restore options have emerged as a secure, cost-effective and reliable method of safeguarding the increasing amounts of corporate information being generated daily. But switching to a cloud-based backup system is a significant decision that requires a clear understanding of how such a solution will integrate into your business. This document addresses the most common questions that companies are asking about cloud backup and will help you determine what role a cloud backup and recovery solution can

August 2nd, 2015|