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Take the Cost and Complexity out of Long Term Data Backup

Take the Cost and Complexity out of Long Term Data Backup Do you have too much data? If so, you are defnitely not alone. The volume of digital data created, replicated, and consumed keeps doubling and is expected to hit 6.6 zettabytes by 2020 - and that’s just in the United States. And in case you were wondering, 1 zettabyte is the amount of data you can store on just over 25 billion 4 terabyte hard drives. Organizations everywhere struggle to keep up with the explosion of data. Often, the hardest part is deciding what data to keep and

December 11th, 2017|

Comprehensive Malware Backup Protection for Enterprise

Would You Survive a Ransomware-In-Your-Backup Attack? Ransomware is not a new phenomenon, yet, technological advancements by savvy cyber-criminals have totally changed the game. Attacks used to be random...criminals would send millions of malware infections (either via phishing emails/malicious links) to see which end-user would open the file to encrypt an organization’s data. Trends are showing that while these types of attacks are still occurring, targeted attacks are becoming much more dominant because organizations are much more likely to pay the bitcoin figure to have their business critical data released. There are currently three types of ransomware attacks prevalent today:

October 9th, 2017|

Backup for Regulatory Compliance

Backup for Regulatory Compliance It’s your organizations responsibility to protect your critical corporate data, regardless of where that data resides. Services such as Microsoft 365,, G Suite may back-up your data from technical service outages, but not user error. If data or emails were accidentally deleted, but needed to be recovered or regulatory reasons, chances are your SaaS provider may be unable or unwilling to help. For example, Microsoft only retains user deleted data for as little as 14 days. Are you sure that your are meeting all your regulatory compliancy metrics? Asigra Cloud Backup™ service from InfoQuest,

August 27th, 2017|

Building The Business Case For Disaster Recovery Spending

Building the Business Case for Disaster Recovery Executive Summary Your bill for disaster recovery preparedness can run into the millions of dollars depending on the level of continuity and the size of your environment. Since these investments are about cost avoidance and don’t typically reduce the total cost of IT ownership, management is typically reluctant to fund these efforts. However, IT operations professionals constantly worry about their preparedness for threats like power outages, IT failures, and disasters. How do you persuade your management to approve the funding necessary to improve disaster recovery preparedness? To successfully secure funding, IT must

March 14th, 2016|

Simplify Your Mobile App Strategy with Hosted Applications

InfoQuest and Citrix Empowering people to use Microsoft Windows applications on any type of device – with full security. For convenience and productivity, people today expect to use their mobile devices for business activities. As a result, businesses and IT face a big challenge: how to securely deliver Microsoft® Windows®-based business apps to tablets and smartphones. The sheer number of device types and mobile operating systems makes it inefficient and cost prohibitive to develop individual application strategies for every mobile device and platform. Meeting these new requirements when IT teams are already resource constrained leaves many organizations wondering if

July 6th, 2015|

Top 10 Reasons to Choose Unitrends Virtual Machine Backups

Top 10 Reasons to Choose Unitrends Virtual Backups With the IT industry embracing a virtualize-everything mentality, organizations are going virtual and making better use of their server hardware simply by increasing the density of machines running on each host server. But there are advantages to utilizing physical hardware for certain tasks. This is especially true for backups, where physical hardware can provide more efficiency and economy. Enter Unitrends—a family of agile, adaptable backup and recovery assurance products. The Recovery-Series Appliances provide a wide range of purpose-built physical backup appliances for enterprise-class virtual, deep virtual, physical protection, and unified compute

May 19th, 2015|