Would You Survive a Ransomware-In-Your-Backup Attack?

Ransomware is not a new phenomenon, yet, technological advancements by savvy cyber-criminals have totally changed the game. Attacks used to be random…criminals would send millions of malware infections (either via phishing emails/malicious links) to see which end-user would open the file to encrypt an organization’s data. Trends are showing that while these types of attacks are still occurring, targeted attacks are becoming much more dominant because organizations are much more likely to pay the bitcoin figure to have their business critical data released.

There are currently three types of ransomware attacks prevalent today:

  1. Spray and Pray Attacks
  2. Deletion of Backup Repositories
  3. Embedding Zero-Day Malware into Your Backup Repository

Introducing the Cyber-Generation of Data Protection

Asigra’s Attack-Loop™ Prevention Solution

Our cyber-enabled data collector stops unauthorized code from penetrating your backup and recovery streams. Prevents malware in new backups, and stops malware from being recovered from older backups.

  • Zero-Day Exploit Protection
  • Two Factor Authentication (2FA)
  • Variable File Name Conventions

Enterprise Data Protection

Regardless of size or complexity, we ensure your organization’s data will be recovered back to any point-in-time and on any endpoint device.

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